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NOTICE - What is a K-Supporter Project?

< Notice - What is a K-Supporter Project? >

K-Supporter Projects are crowdfund based projects that allow fans from around the world to join forces and gift their stars with unique and eye-catching advertisement venues within South Korea's subway systems.

KStarLive now offers fans the platform to unite and gather their resources so that they too can help contribute to getting their favorite stars an advertisement in Korea's Subways while KStarLive manages and helps these projects come to fruition.

Request a New K-Supporter Project

Would you like to request a new K-Supporter Project for your bias' upcoming Birthday? Their comeback anniversary? Their debut anniversary? Or another commemorative day? Let us know!

Create a post with following the following information and we will make sure to communicate with you so that you're favorite star too can be displayed in Korea's subway system!

1.) Idol Name or Group Name

2.) Event ( Birthday, Comeback, Anniversary, Etc.)

3.) Event Date

NOTICE - Contact Lens

< Notice - Contact Lens >

You acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are fully informed of, and understand any and all risks associated with the services or item purchased.

※ It is recommended that you consult with your eye-care practitioner to ensure the suitability of contact lenses and correct fitting.
When using contact lenses, consumers should be aware of precautions, usage, wearing cycles, care instructions, and etc.
KStarLive will not be held responsible and it is the consumers responsibility to ensure their is no misuse or mishandling of the contact lenses.

1. Precautions before use

- Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses. Use finger tips to handle lens. (avoid finger nails and sharp objects)
- Before wearing check if the lenses is clean, wet, and damage-free, then rinse thoroughly with fresh contact lens solutions.
- Make sure that the lens is not turned upside down.

2. How to use the lens

- People with eye disease or severe allergies to contact lenses should avoid wearing contact lenses.
- Stop wearing when you feel a severe cramp or a foreign body in your eyes, and promptly go consult a doctor or ophthalmologist.
- If you are tired due to overwork, lack of sleep, or reading for a long time, stop and take a break.
- Do not wear the lens for more than the recommended period.
- Do not expose your eyes directly to flames or hot steam while wearing the contact lenses.
- Never share lenses with others.

3. Discontinute Use

※ If you see or have any of the following symptoms, stop using your contact lenses immediately and seek medical attention right away.

- Eye disease, injury or any abnormal conditions that may affect the cornea, conjunctiva or eye health.
- Eye redness ? Sensitivity to light ? Itching, burning, or gritty feelings in an eye ? Blurred vision ? Swelling in or around the eyes ? Discharge from an eye.
- Continuous excess tear production.
- If an eye is injured while wearing a contact lenses, the lens should be removed by a trained health professional.

4. Wear cycle and management method

- Do not wash or store contact lenses with water or saline solutions.
- The lens case should be cleaned and dried daily, managed and replaced periodically.
- Contact lens solution must be changed regularly, even if the lenses are not used daily
- Use fresh contact solution that has not expired.
- Check the expiration date of the contact lenses and dispose of the lenses once it's expired.
- Observe the manufacturer's recommended wearing period.
- NEVER sleep with your contact lenses in, unless your optometrist has specifically advised that you can.



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